Dental X-ray Tube Xd2

Type: Stationary  anode x-ray tube Application: For intra-oral dental x-ray unit or 10mA x-ray machine Model: RT12-1.5-85 Integrated high quality glass tube

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This tube, RT12-1.5-85  is designed for intra-oral dental x-ray unit and available for a nominal tube voltage with self-rectified circuit. The high anode heat storage capacity ensures a wide range of applications for intra-oral dental application. A special designed anode enables an elevated heat dissipation rate which leads to a higher patient throughput and a longer product life. A constant high dose yield during the entire tube life is ensured by the high density tungsten target. Ease of integration into system products is facilitated by extensive technical support.

Technical data

Nominal Tube Voltage 85kV
Nominal Focal Spot 1.5(IEC60336/2005)
Filament Characteristics Ifmax=2.6A, Uf=3.0±0.5V
Nominal Input Power(at 1.0s) 1.8kW
Maximum Continuous Rating 225W
Anode Heat Storage Capacity 10kJ
Target Angle 23°
Target Material Tungsten
Inherent Filtration Min 0.6mmAl equivalent at 75kV
Weight approx.120g

Competitive Advantage

Elevated anode heat storage capacity and cooling Constant high dose yield Excellent life time Certification:  SFDA


This tube, RT12-1.5-85  is designed for intra-oral dental x-ray unit and available for a nominal tube voltage with self-rectified circuit.

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Read the cautions before using the tube

X-ray tube will emit X –ray when it is energized with high voltage, Special knowledge should be required and cautions need to be taken when handling it。 1. Only a qualified specialist with X-Ray tube knowledge should assemble, maintain and remove the tube。 2. Sufficient care should be taken to avoid strong impact and vibration to the tube because it is made of fragile glass。 3. Radiation protection of the tube unit must be sufficiently taken。 4. The minimum sorce-skin distance (SSD) and the minimum filtration should match the regulation and meet the standard。 5. The system should have proper overload protection circuit, the tube may be damaged due to only one overload operation。 6. When any abnormalities are found during operation, immediately switch off the power supply and contact the service engineer。 7. if the tube is with a lead shield, to dispose of lead shield must meet government regulations。


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