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We are a leading factory of Medical X-ray Collimator - Automatic X-ray Collimator 34 SRF202AF. Our product offers precision, safety, and efficiency in medical imaging. Contact us to learn more. #MedicalXrayCollimator #AutomaticXrayCollimator #FactoryDirect

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We would like to introduce our {Medical X-ray Collimator Automatic X-ray Collimator 34 SRF202AF} product. As a factory, we take pride in our expertly crafted collimator which is specifically designed to limit the radiation field size and shape in diagnostic x-ray procedures. This product ensures the safety of both patients and medical professionals while improving the quality and accuracy of x-ray imaging. With a cutting-edge automatic x-ray collimator and a 34 SRF202AF model, we guarantee reliable and efficient operation that meets the highest standards in the medical industry. Contact us for more information and experience the quality of our products.

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