HV Cable Receptacle 60KV HV Receptacle CA11

Mini 75KV high-voltage cable socket for X-ray machine is a medical high-voltage cable component, can replace the conventional Rated voltage 75kvdc socket. But the size of it is much smaller than the conventional rated voltage 75KVDC socket.

Products Details

Reference Executive Standard

GB/T10151-2008 Medical diagnostic X-ray equipment-Specifications for high voltage cable plugs and sockets

Product Features

1、Mini receptacle,for CA11 high voltage plug 2、Small size 75kVDC,100℃ rated receptacle 3、Thermoplastic material with high flame retardant UL 94-5VA and high insulation resistance(≥1015Ω ·m) 4、Optional brass thrust ring 5、Optional O-shaped rubber ring for oil seal 6、Optional nickel plated brass flange 7、Cathode socket---Four wires 8、Anode socket---Single wire or all four wires are connected to each other

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Technical data

Rated voltage between pin and flange 75kVDC
Number of contact pins 4
Maximum continuous rated voltage between pins 4kVDC
Maximum continuous current (per pin) 15A
Insulation resistance between pin and flange >1015Ω
Maximum continuous operating temperature 100℃

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