HV Cable Receptacle 75KV HV Receptacle CA1

The receptacle shall consist of the following main parts: a) plastic nut b) Thrust ring c) Socket body with socket terminal d) Gasket Nickel-plated brass contacts pins directly moldered into receptacle with O-rings for excellent oil-seal.

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Reference Executive Standard

GB/T10151-2008 Medical diagnostic X-ray equipment-Specifications for high voltage cable plugs and sockets.

Product Features

1、Thermoplastic material with high flame-retardant rating, high insulation resistivity (≥1015Ω ·m) and high temperature resistance (130ºC). 2、Corona-free aluminium anode plate. 3、Optional brass thrust ring. 4、Optional O-shaped rubber ring for oil seal. 5、Optional nickel plated brass flange.

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Technical data

Rated voltage between pin and flange

Type test voltage between pins and flange 150kVDC / 15min
Rated voltage between pins 4.3kVACrms
Type test voltage between pins 6kVACrms / 15min
Insulation resistance between pins >1015Ω
Insulation resistance between pins and flange >1015Ω
Maximum conductor current 25A
Maximum continuous operating temperature 130℃ 


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